Warranty on used oboes

I want you to be confident in your purchase and happy with the instrument you have chosen. I require full payment when I ship the instrument or when you pick it up.  However, you can return the instrument for any reason within two weeks.  I will refund the full purchase price of the instrument, excluding shipping and handling. I offer a one-year warranty covering any issues that are not caused by misuse or abuse.  All warranty work must be done by me.  I clean, inspect, and service all of the instruments that I offer for sale.

The Yamaha 410 oboe is well suited to student and amateur players of all levels up to college level.  The modified conservatory key system includes a left-hand F lever and a low B-flat key.  There is no third octave key, split ring D key, or low B to low C# artiulation.  This model has a resin body, which is resistant to damage and cracking due to moisture and temperature.  I currently have two Yamaha 410 oboes for sale.  They are both in very good condition and include cases.

Yamaha 410 oboe serial number 001584

Price:  $1797.00 plus tax


Yamaha 410 oboe serial number 006109

Price:  $1797.00 plus tax



The Fox 330 oboe is one of the nicest intermediate oboes on the market. It is known for it's great scale and ease of playing. The instrument is well made with strong keywork and a resin body. The keywork is a simplified conservatory system. The oboe has a left hand F, a Low Bb key, and an articulated Low B to Low C#.  There is no third octave key or D# to E trill split ring. This oboe is one of the very early oboes Fox made, but it is in great shape. It has many years of playing left in it.

Price: $1500.00 plus tax

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