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Bassoon Repair

bassoon tone hole replacement

I offer the following services for bassoon repair:

    • Repairs to leaking, torn, or missing pads
    • Repairs to torn or missing corks or silencers
    • Repairs to leaking or damaged bocals
    • Repairs to broken or chipped tenons
    • Repairs to leaks due to damage to the wood or the finish
    • Repairs to rotten wood in the bore of the instrument in the boot joint
    • Repairs to chipped or damaged tone holes
    • Repairs to loose keywork and posts
    • Repairs to worn, weak, or broken springs

I offer the following maintenance for the bassoon:

    • Cleaning and oiling of the body
    • Cleaning of the bocal and utube
    • Cleaning of the keys
    • Polishing of the keys and posts
    • Adjusting and lubricating of the key mechanisms

Other services are available.  Please contact me with any questions you may have.  I provide free estimates.

bore graft in bassoon



  • Kathryn Greenbank

    "Cindy Budd has been repairing my oboes since 2002.  Her work is excellent and she is a treasure to have so near by.  I would recommend her work to everyone."

    Kathryn Greenbank

    Principal Oboe

    The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

  • Tim Paradise

    "I have been so fortunate to be able to depend on Cindy Budd for all of the repairs my clarinets have needed over the last several years.  She is a craftsperson of the highest order.  She is intelligent and diligent, and has a real talent for solving mechanical problems.  I would recommend her work to any woodwind player of any major orchestra in the country."

    Tim Paradise

    Retired Principal Clarinet

    The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

  • Julie Gramolini Williams

    "I have brought my oboes and English horn to Cindy for several years and I know I can always trust her to properly diagnose and fix any problems that arise.  She is a pleasure to work with and I always walk away happy with how my instruments play.  I highly recommend Cindy to oboists of every level."

    Julie Gramolini Williams


    Minnesota Orchestra

  • John Snow

    "I have gone to Cindy Budd for all of my cleaning and repair work since I came to town in 2000.  Cindy is highly skilled, experienced, and thorough with her work and I always walk away with complete satisfaction.  Her work is beautiful and her crack work is some of the finest I have ever seen." 

    John Snow

    Associate Principal Oboe

    Minnesota Orchestra


Professional Member

National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians

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International Double Reed Society


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Cindy Budd

Providing Professional Woodwind Repair

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