Warranty on used oboes

I want you to be confident in your purchase and happy with the instrument you have chosen. I require full payment when I ship the instrument or when you pick it up.  However, you can return the instrument for any reason within two weeks.  I will refund the full purchase price of the instrument, excluding shipping and handling. I offer a one-year warranty covering any issues that are not caused by misuse or abuse.  All warranty work must be done by me.  I clean, inspect, and service all of the instruments that I offer for sale.

The Yamaha 410 oboe is well suited to student and amateur players of all levels up to college level.  The modified conservatory key system includes a left-hand F lever and a low B-flat key.  There is no third octave key, split ring D key, or low B to low C# artiulation.  This model has a resin body, which is resistant to damage and cracking due to moisture and temperature.  

Yamaha 410 oboe serial number 0001228

Price:  $1797.00 plus tax



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